Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comic-Con Report: Wednesday, July 21

Didn't expect a huge amount to report, as the group I lovingly refer to as "The Geek Girls" aka Sarah, Kerry, Tiki and I, were just doing badge pickup and getting the lay of the land, but we had a great night on Wednesday. Being ahead of the crowds, we decided to grab dinner at the converted Hard Rock Cafe, now the infinitely more thrilling "Cafe Diem" from one of my favorite TV shows, Eureka!

Dinner was a great idea, giving the four of us, who only sort of knew each other, a chance to bond, geek out, and generally have a good time. Sarah, being an equally big fan of Eureka, suggested we take our pictures with the posters of Sheriff Jack Carter and Allison Blake, so of course, I was game!

Wandered over to the Hard Rock gift shop afterwards and picked up a new Eureka T (which you'll spot in Friday's post when it goes live!) and then headed back out into the lobby, where we ran into David Hasselhoff! Amusing, amazing, and a great first celeb spotting, which we enjoyed thoroughly!

We were sad when we got back to the hotel to note that we'd missed some of the Eureka writers at Cafe Diem by less than an hour, and that they'd sent a tweet my way saying they were there after we were already long gone. =( But there was much more Eureka fun in store for Comic-Con, so the disappointment didn't last long!

More to come as I catch up over the next few days and finish sorting all the photos and videos I took! I promise, a blog report for all the days, coming soon!

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